As this list of men serving aboard St. Roch is compiled alphabetically. Some men may have been aboard for the entire year only or one month during that year as a crewmember.  It is possible someone was aboard St. Roch for a short passage but was not recorded as crew and, consequently, does not appear on this list.


S/Cst – Special ConstableSgt – Sergeant
A/Cst – Acting ConstableS/Sgt – Staff Sergeant
Cst – ConstableInsp – Inspector
Cpl – Corporal

1930 Crew List

NameNicknameLifespanRankPosition on ShipYears Served
Davies, James HenryJim?-1954Cst1930, 33-34
Duke, John E.1907-[1992?]S/CstWireless Operator1930-33
Farrar, Frederick SleighTed / Jeek1901-1955Sgt1930-34, 38-43, 50
Fielder, Leonard Frank1899-1970Cst1930
Foster, Myles FrederickJack1901-1969Cst1928-34, 38-42
Holt, Herbert1904-1990S/CstWireless Operator (replaced by Duke)1930
Larsen, Henry A.Hank1899-1964S/SgtSkipper1928-48, 54
MacRae, John AlexanderJack / Mac1908-1966Cst1930-32, 34
Moore, G. T.DintyCst1930-32
Olsen, Mical JosephJoe1905-1994Cst1928-30
Owen-Jones, Arthur Herbert1902-1987Sgt1930-32
Parry, William JohnDad1883-1972Cst1928-34, 40-42
White, Lundy William LloydBill1905-2001Cst1930, 34
Wood, Charles E.Cst1929-30, 34-37