As this list of men serving aboard St. Roch is compiled by year, some may have been aboard for the entire year only or one month during that year as a crew member.  It is possible someone was aboard St. Roch for a short passage but was not recorded as crew and, consequently, does not appear on this list.


S/Cst – Special Constable Sgt – Sergeant
A/Cst – Acting Constable S/Sgt – Staff Sergeant
Cst – Constable Insp – Inspector
Cpl – Corporal
NameNicknameLifespanRankPosition on ShipYears Served
Alexander, Scott Eric1910-1976S/Cst1935-37
Blues, Donald PorteousScotty1904-1978Cst1932-34
Carter, William Sharples1905-1991Cst1932-33
Cheetham, J.R.Cst1935-36
Christy, Robert Wesley1911-1997Cst1939
Cranney, James JosephPat1909-1995Cst1933-34, 36-37
Cresine, Harold Everett Buckley1901-1967Cst1938
Davies, James Henry? - 1954Cst1930, 33-34
Douthwaite, Charles Robert Raefe1907-1990Cst1935-37
Eddy, Joseph Unsworth1897-1981Sgt1936-37
Goodey, Reginald John1911-1967Cst1935, 38-39
Humphrey, Herbert Olin1908-1993Cst1937
Josephson, V.R.Cst1938, 39
Kells, Robert Wesley1900-1970 CstAssistant Engineer1928-37
Luke, M.S/Cst1936
MacKenzie, AlexanderCst1935-36
MacRae, John AlexanderJack1908-1966Cst1930-32, 34
Makinson, George Tingley1903-1986Cpl1933-36
Moore, G.P.C.Cst1937-47
Parkes, Derek Edmund1902-1995Cst1938-39
Perks, Donald1904-1986Cpl1934
Wall, George Meynell1896-1984Cpl1933
Welsh, T.F.D.CstWireless Operator1935-37
Willan, Lionel Francis1911-1998Cst1935-37