Some men may have been aboard for the entire year only or one month during that year as a crew member.  It is possible someone was aboard St. Roch for a short passage but was not recorded as crew and, consequently, does not appear on this list.


S/Cst – Special Constable Sgt – Sergeant
A/Cst – Acting Constable S/Sgt – Staff Sergeant
Cst – Constable Insp – Inspector
Cpl – Corporal

1944 Crew List

NameNicknameLifespanRankPosition on ShipYears Served
Andreasen, OleS/CstMate1944
Cashin, William MichaelBill1927-2004S/CstSeaman1944-49
Dickens, George M.S/CstCook1944
Diplock, James MilneJim1924-1995S/CstSeaman1944
Hunt, Patrick GeorgePat1914-1999CstClerk-seaman1940-42, 44-47
Johnsen, Rudolf ThorvaldRudyS/CstSecond Engineer1943-49
Larsen, Henry A.Hank1899-1964S/SgtSkipper1928-48, 54
Matthews, Frank1916-1970S/CstSeaman1944
McKenzie, John Stanley GarfieldStan1918-2011S/CstSeaman1944
Panipakuttuk, JosephJoe1916-1970N/AGuide1944, 46
Peters, George William1911-1969CstChief Engineer1938, 40-47, 49
Russill, Lloyd GeorgeS/CstWireless Operator1944