Seamen aboard St. Roch, 1948. l-r -- Dick Green, Bill Cashin, Al Budge, Bill Mott.

1948 crew

As this list of men serving aboard St. Roch is compiled alphabetically. Some men may have been aboard for the entire year only or one month during that year as a crew member.  It is possible someone was aboard St. Roch for a short passage but was not recorded as crew and, consequently, does not appear on this list.


S/Cst – Special Constable Sgt – Sergeant
A/Cst – Acting Constable S/Sgt – Staff Sergeant
Cst – Constable Insp – Inspector
Cpl – Corporal
Name Nickname Rank Years Served
Ackles, K.C. S/Cst 1945-48
Auchterlonie, G. Thomas Cst 1947-48
Beattie, R.I. Wyn S/Cst 1948
Burton, J.R. Cst 1948-50
Byer, Stanley Amos Stan S/Cst 1948
Cashin, William Michael Bill S/Cst 1944-49
Coffin, Gordon Lennox Cpl 1947-48
Eisenhauer, Irvin Llewelyn Ike Cst 1948
Green, R.W. Cst 1948
Johnson, Rudolf Thorvald Rudy S/Cst 1943-49
Larsen, Henry A. Hank S/Sgt 1928-48, 54
Mott, Wilfred Howard Cst 1948-51, 54
Sargent, Glen Kirk Cst 1947-48