This is a list of crew serving on the 1950-51 circumnavigation of North America.

As this list of men serving aboard St. Roch is compiled alphabetically. Some men may have been aboard for the entire year only or one month during that year as a crew member.  It is possible someone was aboard St. Roch for a short passage but was not recorded as crew and, consequently, does not appear on this list.


S/Cst – Special Constable Sgt – Sergeant
A/Cst – Acting Constable S/Sgt – Staff Sergeant
Cst – Constable Insp – Inspector
Cpl – Corporal

1950-1951 Crew List

NameNicknameLifespanRankPosition on ShipYears Served
Boutilier, Bertram Graham1925-1987CstSeaman1950-51
Burton, J.R.CstChief Engineer1948-50
Cooper, Joseph Bernard1910-1974S/CstFirst Mate1950-51
DeVeaux, Joseph WilfredJoe1929-2005S/CstCook1950
Farrar, Frederick SleighTed / Jeek1901-1955Sgt1930-34, 38-43, 50
Gingell, J.A.S/CstWireless Operator1950-51
Hall, Kenneth William NewmanKen1905-1978Insp1950
Henderson, Frederick Joseph James1909-1998SgtNavigator1950-51
Johnson, Donald J.1929-2017S/CstSeaman1950-51
Lavoie, J.F. Hubert? - 2004A/CstCoxswain1950
MacPherson, Cyrus Shaw1900-1970Sgt1950
Mott, Wilfred Howard1926-2017CstSeaman1948-51, 54
Reid, Arthur Elridge1925-2006S/Cst3rd Engineer1950-51, 54
Smith, Murray Sutherland1910-1995Cst2nd Engineer1947, 50-51
Smith, F.M.Cpl1950
Tomsett, Arthur FredrickArt? - 2009CstStoker1950-51